Dr. Foster travels across the country reading for people, passing on messages, and bringing light to others' lives. She uses her God-given talent to help bring people comfort, direction, and confirmation of their purpose and reason for being. Messages from the other side are explained in detail, from a person's appearance and sound to simple messages that Dr. Foster should not know, but prove the existence of life after death. Come join a gallery reading for fun, laughter, and usually tears, and experience this happening for yourself. Seating is limited. Seats are not assigned. Everyone has the same chance of being read. Purchasing a ticket does not guarantee a reading. The event starts at 1pm CST and continues until 3 PM. Dr. Foster will be selling and signing her book, God, Please Tie My Shoes, as well. Tickets are emailed upon purchase and appear on your credit statement as Dr_Rebecca_Foster, RebeccaFosterCo, LLC. Tickets are non-refundable.

Venue Details
Fond du Lac Public Library
32 Sheboygan Street, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 54935, United States
Dr Rebecca Foster performs galleries, private engagements, and readings across the North American continent. Please contact for event or booking information. Kim Borders - Event Manager-